Disciplinary Procedures

As the governing body for Touch in Scotland, the STA has created a disciplinary guidance template to assist tournament officials, players and referees. The template can be adapted to suit the tournament's requirements and may be copied and distributed to participants subject to the permission and acknowledgment of the STA.

 The process takes into account Federation of International Touch guidelines set within a Scottish context. It deals with matters where any player has been cited by match officials and gives procedures for anyone found guilty of misconduct. It also lays out the process to be followed where the accused wishes to appeal the decision taken by match officials and tournament organisers.

 You can download a copy of the STA Disciplinary Guidance here.

 Match officials who send a player off for the remainder of the game or who cite any player should complete the Referee Incident Report Sheet so that a proper record is kept. The sheet should be completed as soon as possible after the match has finished and include the comments of all those officiating the match.

 You can download a referee incident report sheet here