The Scottish Touch Association is committed to the development of refereeing standards across Scotland. This is done by the National Director of Referees through the Referee Courses and by working with local League Organisers.

The Scottish Touch Association's aims are:

  • To have all league referees certified to European Level 1
  • To have all Scottish referees participating at the European Championships certified to European Level 2
  • Promote and support Elite referees at the World Cup

The National Director of Referees is responsible for the development of refereeing standards across Scotland. He or she works with the STA's Referee Development Committee to affect this. The Committee consists of the Director, Players' Representative and up to 4 others appointed by the Director.

The current Director is Duncan Smart. If you are interested in becoming part of the referee committee please contact Duncan. (

Each Touch Association Region has a local refereeing co-ordinator as follows:

Edinburgh: Lani Baird -
Central Region: Phil Leeks -
Glasgow:  Douglas Johnson -
Aberdeen/NESTA:  Matthew Sharkey

Ref Courses are delivered to referees and players who want a better understanding of the rules. All courses fall under the European Touch grading system. There are badges for levels 1 (entry level) to 5 (world cup standard). No previous experience is required to attend a level 1 course. Courses are organised by the STA all the time - see the events section for a listing of upcoming courses. Courses are usually held to coincide with a tournament to allow candidates to be assessed.

The STA holds a database of referees nationwide and is willing to assist organisers by providing referee support for their local tournament. If you require such support, please contact the STA or your local refereeing co-ordinator shown above.