Scottish Touch Series 2013

2013 Scottish Touch Series

In 2013, a new format was introduced to the Scottish Touch Series, with organisers invited to tendor for the rights to host a Leg of the Series. Each region retained the right to host a Leg. 

As part of the changes, a new website was set up: You can find out more by following the link to the site.

Leg 1 was awarded to Stirling Touch Club, and held in Stirling, within the Central Scotland Region. FireGeckos won the Leg. 

Leg 2 was awarded to Aberdeen Touch Rugby, and held in Aberdeen, within the North East Scotland Region. Meerkats won the Leg.

Leg 3 was awarded to Glasgow Touch Association, and held in Glasgow. Six Pack won the Leg.

Leg 4 was awarded to Six Pack & IN2Touch, and held in Edinburgh. Six Pack won the Leg.

The Overall winner was Six Pack Touch.

Past Winners: [Season: Club (Region)]

2013 : Six Pack (Edinburgh)

2012 : Galaxy Scotland (Edinburgh)

2011 : Geckos (Glasgow)

2010 : Six Pack (Edinburgh)

2009 : Meerkats (Central Scotland)