About the STA

The Scottish Touch Association (STA) is the governing body of touch in Scotland. Its main aim is to promote and develop touch at all levels. It was established on 7 August 2005 at the inaugural AGM of its members where the STA Constitution was formally adopted. Positions on the STA Board are as follows:

STA Board

President David Matthew - president@scottishtouch.org.uk

Secretary Ailsa Falconer - secretary@scottishtouch.org.uk

Treasurer Hugh McMichael - treasurer@scottishtouch.org.uk

Director of High Performance Mikey Short - highperformance@scottishtouch.org.uk

Director of National Squad David Bartlett - nsmc@scottishtouch.org.uk

Director of Referees Riet Garsed - referees@scottishtouch.org.uk

Director of Development Sara Ebbett - development@scottishtouch.org.uk

Director of PR and Marketing Michael Bottom - marketing@scottishtouch.org.uk

Director of Volunteer Management Peter Faassen de Heer - volunteers@scottishtouch.org.uk

The STA aims to be a one-stop point of contact for information on and assistance with touch in Scotland. Anyone interested in touch, including players, referees and tournament organisers, will be able to come to us for assistance. The STA will offer refereeing and coaching courses and organise the selections and training for the national squads.

As part of the development and promotion of the sport Scotland-wide, we hope to increase the player base and growing the sport's popularity. We would like to encourage more youth teams, with a view to having the strongest national team possible. The STA has developed a selection policy and process to ensure that selection procedures are as open and transparent as possible. Please also refer to the STA's eligibility criteria, and their National Development Plan for the development of Touch in Scotland. Other STA policies are also available.

The STA are the only official body in Scotland affiliated to the Federation of International Touch (FIT), the International governing body of touch. This entitles Scotland to participate in International tournaments and to hold FIT sanctioned events in Scotland. One such event was the 2011 World Cup in Edinburgh which Scotland hosted.